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NDIS Support in Maryborough

At FCFN, we believe the NDIS represents a positive change. Being in control of your own supports will help you to live your goals and aspirations, and that for people living with disability, having more choice and more control can be enormously empowering and personally rewarding.

FCFN has a long history of helping people with disability to live positive, enriched lives. We believe that the fundamentals of the NDIS are in keeping with our core values, and we see it as a unique opportunity for people with disabilities and their families to begin to realise their aspirations.

We provide whole of life solutions. We can help you achieve your goals by assisting with family support and supported living, and we can help you to achieve the best things in life such as preparing for the future, being part of the community, going to school, finding a home, going on holidays and becoming independent.

Being connected to our community and social participation contributes to our sense of wellbeing, purpose and quality of life. If you’re keen to try a new activity, make new friends or just to get out and about more, we have many options available to you.



What would you like to do with your funding?
  • Would you like to learn a new skill?
  • Think about something that you would like to do in the community.
  • We can support you in whatever you would like to do, so just ask - the options are almost limitless.
  • You can select your own support workers from our pool of qualified and dedicated staff. That means you have control over the kind of support you receive, when and where you need it.
  • We provide individual support solutions so you will have access to support that works around your personal circumstances.
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